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Monday, April 20, 2015

Taner Akçam and Arnold Toynbee

Taner Akçam was a leftist revolutionist who advocated violence and who was imprisoned for terrorist activities. Akçam escaped from jail and later reintroduced himself as a "scholar," focusing on the Armenian "Genocide" as his bread-and-butter. His mentor was Vahakn Dadrian, and the way was mysteriously paved for Akçam to become a perpetual "visiting professor" in the USA. One of Akçam's sources of financing is the prominent Cafesjian Foundation. If Akçam were to begin reporting true history that is critical of the Armenians, it would very likely be the quickest way to kiss this foundation money good-bye.

Arnold Toynbee confessed in a later work, The Western Question in Greece and Turkey (1922, p. 50), that the “Blue Book” was a piece of war propaganda.

Source: Tall Armenian Tale

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