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Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Nation of Haters

Here is a passage from a news article in Los Angeles Times:

"Now recite that poem I taught you," Tello Petrosyan instructs her daughter. The child steps out of her mother's embrace, raises her head, puts her hands in her pockets and, with a face grave beyond her years, begins:

"It's better that I be a dog or a cat, than a Turkish Barbarian . . . "

The poem promises that "when the Armenian wind blows, it will not leave a single Turk standing in Armenian land."

Edna's father asks again about the Azerbaijanis. She says: "They are killing Armenians again, they are torturing them."

Having said that, she looks to her father, Souren Petrosyan, 33, and finds approval in his smiling brown eyes. "You may go now," he says, and Edna races up the stairs to join the party.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Feb. 9. 1990

The following are statements by various Armenians in Yahoo news comment sections and elsewhere in the web:

"Turkish people are comparable to wild pigs. They look, act and smell like wild swine and all Turks should die painfully." - Richard

"Turks are like Cancer you can only get rid of by nuking them." - Ararat

"Hopefully one day soon the entire world will turn on TURKEY and put those terrible Turks out of their misery. I want to see their dead shadows on their walls." - cat

"we will CLEAN Anatolia from the turkish presence once and for all in many years to come. Artsakh (former Karabagh) is just a starter." - rouben mel

"I despise Turkey. I despise Islam. If that makes me a hater, sign me up." - paul

"Someday soon, the Armenian Empire will once again span from sea to shining sea; from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. Turkish will be relegated to a forgotten language, statues of Ataturk will be replaced by monuments to Gregory The Illuminator,..." - no whining

"an Armenian girl will prefer to befriend a dog over a Turk" - george

The only good Kurd is a deceased one. - Tina

"Hey Turk, I would love to nail you to a cross to crucify you and the rest of you're race of sick demented savage animals." - Carol Chicky

"Turks are just cockroaches with two legs and ugly faces." Ken K

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