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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hitler on the Armenian Question

"There is NO historical basis for attributing such a quote to Hitler." - Professor Heath W. Lowry

"Politically, "Hitler" is a magic word that conjures up an all too true image of undisputed evil. He is quoted on the Armenian Question for polemic and political purpose, to tie the Turks to Hitler's evil. In the modern world nothing defames so well as associating your enemies with Hitler. This is all absurdity, but it is potent absurdity that convinces those who know nothing of the facts. It is also a deliberate distortion of history." - Professor Justin McCarthy

Baden-Baden, W. Germany - Dr. Robert John, a historian and political analyst of Armenian descent from New York City, declared here that a commonly used quotation of an alleged statement by Adolf Hitler concerning the Armenian massacres was a forgery and should not be used. - The Armenian Reporter, Vol. XVII, NO. 40, August 2, 1984.

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