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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Armenian troops attacked more than 927 libraries and 22 museums...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


We are products of two contradictory fallacies: paternalism and tribalism, or the big lie that says, our elders and leaders know better even when they divide us. Anyone who is brought up to believe that, will believe anything, including the illusion that we are smart.

Sooner or later all lies are exposed. This rule, too, like all rules, has its exception, namely, Armenian lies. Here are some more lies that have cost us much suffering and many lives but have since been exposed: 

The Turks will not dare to massacre us because the Great Powers of the West are on our side and they will not allow it.

The Russians are our big brothers. If it weren't for them we would be annihilated by the Turks. (Result? 350,000 Armenian boys dead during World War II in defense of Stalin's regime. Number of Russians dead in defense of Armenia: zero.) To be noted: Armenians also died in defense of Hitler's regime. Their numbers, if published, is not known to me.

And the biggest lie of all: We are not Asiatic barbarians but civilized and westernized Christians. This, of course, in our own assessment of ourselves -- and when a fool assesses himself, he will go beyond smart, he will declare himself a genius.

And now, let us rise from theory to practice (as our Marxist brothers were fond of saying) or from abstractions and speculations to hard facts and the world of real things.

“In February of 1992, during the capture of the city of Khojali, Azerbaijan, by Armenian separatists, more than 1,000 people, mostly women and children, were murdered. Armenian troops subsequently invaded Shushi in 1992 and attacked more than 927 libraries and 22 museums. The result: 4,600,000 books lost, including ancient philosophical and musical treatises, as well as 40,000 rare books.”

The author of these lines is Fernando Baez, director of Venezuela's National Library, a world authority on the history of libraries, and a member of the U.N. Committee investigating the destruction of libraries and museums.

For more on this subject, see: A UNIVERSAL HISTORY OF THE DESTRUCTION OF BOOKS: FROM ANCIENT SUMER TO MODERN IRAQ, by Fernando Baez. Translated by Alfred MacAdam (New York, 2008).

Ara Baliozian (an Armenian author, translator, and critic)

Source: http://baliozian.blogspot.com.tr/2009/07/memos.html

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