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Thursday, February 19, 2015

The two myths in Cyprus

Source: Statement made by Mr. Evangelos Yannopoulus - the Greek Minister of Maritime Affairs, ELEFTHEROTIPIA, July 4, 1988:

"The two myths in Cyprus must be exposed as lies. The first myth is the case of missing persons and the second is the myth of the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey. The Greek Cypriots presented as missing persons were actually the victims who were killed during the Sampson Coup. As regards the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, it was the Greek military that staged the coup and toppled Makarios at a time when he was an internationally recognized President of Cyprus. How is it possible to topple Makarios and start slaughtering the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots and impose a mad man like Sampson to head the Cyprus Government and yet expect no reaction from Turkey?"

The following is also relevant:



1780th Meeting: 19 JULY 1974
New York

...It is clearly an invasion from outside, inflagrant violation of the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus. The so-called coup was the work of the Greek officers staffing and commanding the National Guard.

... the Greek officers serving with the National guard.... recruited many members of the terrorist organization EOKA-B.

The coup caused much bloodshed and took a great toll of human lives... It was an invasion which violated the independence and sovereignty of the Republic. And the invasion is continuing so long as there are Greek officers in Cyprus.

It may be said that it was the Cyprus Government which invited the Greek officers to staff the National Guard. I regret to say that it was a mistake on my part...

32. As I have already stated, the events in Cyprus do not constitute an internal matter of the Greeks of Cyprus. The Turks of Cyprus are also affected. The coup of the Greek junta is an invasion, and from its consequences the whole people of Cyprus suffers, both Greeks and Turks.

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