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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Christian Nationalists and the Kurds

Assyrian writer Frederick A. Aprim states (in a web article dated September 19, 2003 and titled "Assyria or Kurdistan?"):

"Deception is an art and the Kurds have perfected it. They presented themselves to the world through that democratic and civilized image (by allocating five seats for Assyrians in their Kurdish regional parliament in northern Iraq in 1992), however, they never stopped oppressing, killing, assassinating, kidnapping, raping, and terrorizing the Assyrians in north of Iraq."

This is how Kurds are seen by Christian nationalists. Armenians do not have a very different view of the Kurds; but as long as the Armenians keep hoping that some Kurds (such as the Marxist Kurds of PKK) will keep fighting against Turkey, they will not be very vocal about their real feelings about the Kurds.

Let's also remember some relevant history:

Source: Hassan Arfa, "The Kurds," (London, 1968), pp. 25-26:

"When the Russian armies invaded Turkey after the Sarikamish disaster of 1914, their columns were preceded by battalions of irregular Armenian volunteers, both from the Caucasus and from Turkey. One of these was commanded by a certain Andranik, a blood-thirsty adventurer.. These Armenian volunteers committed all kinds of excesses, more than six hundred thousand Kurds being killed between 1915 and 1916 in the eastern vilayets of Turkey."

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