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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Friday as a Holy-day and Mustafa Kemal

“İstanbul’un fethinden beri, gayr-ı müslimlerin mazhar buldukları bu imtiyazât-ı vâsia (geniş imtiyazlar), milletimizin dinen ve siyâseten dünyanın en müsaadekâr ve civanmert milleti olduğunu isbat eder en bâriz delilidir. Milletimize bu istinâdatta bulunan muârızlar insaf etsinler de, dünyanın en büyük ve en medenî milleti olduğunu iddiâ edenlerden, din-i İslâmı sûret-i resmiyede tanımayan, İslâmları Pazar gününü yevm-i tatil ve mübârek sûretinde tanımaya icbar eden (zorlayan) ve İslâmların yevm-i mahsusu olan Cumâ gününü resmen tanımayan milletler olduğunu unutmasınlar.”

Mustafa Kemal, Nutuk, c.3, s.1183.

Approximate translation:

"The vast amount of privileges that the non-Muslims had since Istanbul was conquered is a most obvious evidence of the fact that our people is the most tolerant and magnanimous people of the World. Those opponents who accuse our people should take pity and be fair by not forgetting that among those who claim to be the greatest and most civilized nations in the World there are those who do not recognize the religion of Islam officially and force Muslims to recognize Sunday as a day of rest and a holy day and do not officially recognize Friday as special day for Muslims."

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